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Hi, I am Nasya. 

I am a dreamer and I live intentionally.

I am a curious human. I am a coach, an educator and a faciliator. I am a dedicated and high energy sister, daughter and friend and am dedicated to create a meaningful space for you and create a community here.​


I am determined to help communities and people in spaces you identify with create healthier visions and missions around what true community and belonging can feel and be. 

I am a wide open space. To me, that means that I am limitless and always have more to discover. I am humbled every time I learn something new about myself and my soul radiates when I am creating something new. I love the simple things in life, the small details and experiences: neon socks, the perfect typography, floating in water, and ritual, lots of ritual, many a collaboration of ancient Jewish wisdom and my personal modern touches! I live for mindful, well-designed spaces and experiences, 


I am grateful to share all of my wide open spaces with you. My now, my celebrations, my imperfections and my dynamic, messy, growing self with you.

Who am I?: Inner_about
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