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Making the invisible, visible so you can live your life powerfully and intentionally.

Inner Dsgn Services: Welcome

CURATED offerings



Experiential Workshops

Small group reflections/conversations

Topics and Experiences Include:

(all curated for your community)

Strengthening Relationships 

Visualization/Guided Meditation Experiences

The Power of Ritual 

Modernizing Meaningful Ritual


The Power  of  Intentionality

Making Powerful Choices

Women's Retreats: Balanced Empowerment

Men's Groups: Balanced Empowerment



Relationships, all of them.

Coaching pairs and groups.


Corporate teams

Non-profit teams


Personal relationships


The work will be applying the Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI) model and will be used to create greater alignment and thriving within relationships. Not only hearing the voice of each individual, we will focus a lot on the voice of the shared WE in the team, and what's unique about the way your team functions and hearing what it uniquely needs to thrive!



I am here to support ambitious humans who are looking for clarity in their lives clearing blindspots holding them back from success in every area of their life. If it is the right fit for both of us, I promise you, that I will be your fierce champion and believe in you, sometimes more than you do for yourself. I want to support you in creating a life where you show up and make choices confidently, feeling worthy of the rich, vibrant meaningful, and joyful life you are creating.

Let's find out of we're the right fit. Group Coaching Pod apps are open now! 


Inner Dsgn Services: Service

What it's like to work with Nasya.

Word on the Street is...

Inner Dsgn Services: Testimonial

" Working with Nasya is like being with a firecracker that lights you up from the inside and shoots you forward to your future. Just being around Nasya inspires me to be more."


" I was a bit nervous going into couples coaching. Nasya made it very clear on day 1 her client was the relationship. Nasya is someone who creates such a strong container by giving space for her clients to share their expectations and by clarifying her intentions."

An anonymous male's perspective

" My relationships have improved, my mindset is a lot more positive, and feel that i am equipped with stronger tools to keep me on this path."


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