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group coaching pods for women.

the experience.

Do you feel trapped by external expectations and want to feel more confident in your skin?

Do you overanalyze your choices and overthink your decisions making you feel disconnected from yourself?

Have you wanted to be fully self expressed, feeling at home in yourself? 


Are you yearning to be a better leader, partner, parent, entrepenur, friend, sibling?

Have you wanted to set powerful boundaries and live your life joyful, connected and confidently?

I have been there and that's why I created these pods. 


To be your fierce champion in taking back your power with like-minded women and feel confident and connected to yourself, your relationships and your life. 

let’s optimize, together.

What you’ll get:

Wednesdays, January 6 - March 31

  • 90 minute *bonus* community building call

  • 90 minute community LIVE Zoom calls x2 a month

  • Walk away feeling ownership of your power and confidence from the inside

  • Community of ambitious women who are eager for growth

  • An accountability buddy to keep you on track and achieve the goals you set

  • Co-designing this experience to support other women stepping into their freedom


  • 1:1 complimentary coaching session with Nasya


  • Access to Nasya via text and voice notes throughout the pod


  • Resources and exercises curated for you


This experience is designed to get to the core of your mindset and support you in reclaiming your inner confidence so no matter what is happening externally in your career or relationships, you have an internal compass to turn to. We are going to deep dive to uncover what it means to be a powerful man in the 21st century and become connected to your emotions as a guide to feeling powerful. We are going to set up boundaries that work for your unique life and begin diving into how to communicate them powerfully to people in your life. And, we are going to do all of this together in community, because 2 is better than 1. Breakthroughs happen through witnessing other people's experiences, breakthroughs happen when you have a powerful community to be appreciated and heard. 

Many of my biggest breakthoughs happened in group coaching.


meet nasya.

Nasya is the founder of Wide Open Spaces. She is a relationship systems and mindset coach with over 250 hours of coaching experience. She is an educator and an intl facilitator. She coaches ambitious growth-oriented individuals, couples, colleagues, groups, and teams. Her number one value is connection and is here to empower you in creating strong relationships in your life, starting with yourself.  She is also in the arena with you, doing the work too, every single day. She says, how can she asks her clients to do this big and bold work if she isn't doing it herself. Nasya believes in a world where you can feel at home, safe and secure, within yourself and at home in the world and is so ready to be your fierce champion.

want IN?

or, want to learn more?

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