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twisted ritual experiences

*I use the Jewish holiday season as a powerful springboard to do this work and these experiences are universal, meant for all humans of all types of practice and connection.*



Something I can't stop thinking about right now is the fragility of life. What I want to offer you this month is an opportunity to become more connected to yourself and the people in your life. 

We all have that inner knowing, call it gut feeling or intuition that we are not sharing, we have secrets we are keeping, even lying to ourselves. How do you deeply feel about the relationships in your life? How you are spending your time?

For many of us, things are great in certain areas of our lives and not so much in others and it is so much easier, I relate, to focus on the pieces that are working and ignore the others. The secret is that those other pieces slowly seep in, imagine smoke slowly moving toward you and infiltrate all the good stuff.

This year gets to be different. We even have proof in the fragility and external control as an illusion and how quickly things can change- so let's do that internally and within our relationships, every small shift matters in a big way.

And, instead of doing a challenge through emails, it feels extra important to do this in community, something we don't have this year that is such a huge piece of this holiday season.


These experiences are traditional ritual with twists. 


I will guide you through experiences opening up awareness, leaving you with the invitation to take action so the experience transcends our time together.

Experiences will take place at 8:15 pm ET/ 7:15 pm CT/ 5:15 pm PT

for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Wednesday, September 16: PAST: Your Year in Review 

Wednesday, September 30: FUTURE: Visioning Your Future

Wednesday, October 7: PRESENT: Creating your Blueprint

Wednesday, October 14: ANCHORING: Reinvigorating your passion and light to propel you forward. (different color post-its needed!) 

These experiences will be playful, complex, communal and bold!  A space where you are witnessed, honored and acknowledged and get to do that for other people too.


Each experience will weave together and can also be stand-alone experiences. The more you invest the more you get out. 

Our walls have been torn down and now it is time we intentionally rebuild.

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