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 *Coming Soon: 2019* 

Ritual 30 Day Mastermind Experience 

New Year, New Chapter, New Day= New You

Whether it is actually the beginning of a new year or a new chapter in your life, you can embark on this seven-day experience to jump-start you into taking action to actualize the life you want to live. Each prompt can be found on the Blog section of this site

Reflection and Celebration Storyboard Experience

Wednesday, September 12-Tuesday, September 18 2018


If you are here reading this, you have already shown up for yourself and that is to be celebrated. I invite you to invest in yourself and your year ahead in this small and very meaningful way.


Important: This experience is for everyone. Whether you are Jewish or not, maybe celebrating these holidays, either way, feeling connected to celebrating humanity, or appreciating spaces for reflection and exploration - this was designed for you.


This will be a collective and individual experience. Traditionally this is a time during the year people reflect as we enter a new beginning. Many do this during synagogue services, some while hiking or at festive meals, yet others solo in their homes.


We are going to create our own reflection ritual right here. One that we are experiencing with others (everyone is investing time and energy during the same time frame) while simultaneously each having our own experience (the actions are solo). This combo is powerful!


You will be individually building a reflection and celebration storyboard. Put the time in you have. Commit as little as 5 minutes a day.


I am inviting you to join me in this experience during the seven days between the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.


Rosh Hashana honors and celebrates the anniversary of creation and humanity - that's YOU.


Yom Kippur gives us an opportunity to explore the concept of forgiveness and to begin anew, it's up to us what you do with that offering.





For all of you who are craving more details here they are...


1. Grab a pack of post-its (choose a single color or multi-colored pack) These will be our building blocks. (If you don't have post-its, improvise. You can: cut pieces of paper, designate a notebook for this! etc)


2. Find a space in your life whether that is at home or work that you can stick these post-its and build your storyboard- this will live here for these 7 days. 


Note: You might want it to be a space where you have privacy so you can feel free with your expressions.

ie. bathroom mirrors, a wall in your room/office, the floor etc..


3. Each day, I will offer a prompt with a question for you to consider about yourself and your life exploring different timely and timeless concepts, ones that make up how we make choices in our lives.


4. Each prompt will offer a new lens for you to consider and will challenge you to be honest with yourself (again, it's whatever you want to put into this experience- you are the content!) 


5. This will culminate with a final prompt for you to consider, a new lens, and an incredible tool,  leaving this experience with an intentional choice you will make about the new year we are entering. (We celebrate four different 'new years' in Judaism, this being one, a new Jewish year of 5779! If you don't consider this time of year a new year one, no worries, reflection is a theme we get to partake in year round - this is a space to choose new for yourself whenever you choose.) 


We begin on Wednesday, September 12 culminating on Tuesday, September 18.


Jump in with me and subscribe below.


If you have questions or aren't clear about something please contact me in the 'Express' Tab.


With gratitude,



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"Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up."

Brene Brown

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