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September Goals

I will be updating these questions monthly in the "Who am I?" Tab. I want to highlight this month's featured answers here.

If you have any questions you would like me to answer, please submit them!

What are you loving right now?

1. Key Lime Chobani Yogurt

2. Siam Poppy Kiam Candle (I light it in the bathroom while I shower!)

3. Feeling like a magic maker and owning that!

What are you investing in this month? (I write focuses for my month in my Ink and Volt Planner, so these are some from my personal list and I don't usually share)

1. Smile A LOT

2. Be patient with myself and family (lots of holidays coming up, which can sometimes spur old dynamics- but intentional dedication and awareness is a game changer! I am determined to be vulnerable and notice

what I am feel threatened by when I an quick to snap/judge/be impatient.

3. Start my BLOG- and here we are!

4. Stay consistent with my complaint cleanse

What is one thing you are focusing on this year?

My mantra for this year is "She decided to enjoy more and endure less" I use a journal/planner from Ink and Volt and it has that written at the front and I revisit it frequently to check in on how to make sure it stays front and center in my priorities.

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