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Reflection Storyboard Day 2: Let's Get Curious.


This is your experience. You get to make it yours. You can read about today's theme right here or scroll down to get straight to the reflection for today.

Well, today, is all about getting curious! When I think about the concept of curiosity I think about children and their discovery mode- it's powerful to watch! We are born knowing nothing and are curious about EVERYTHING. Growing up we inherit pieces from our parents, our ancestors and our surroundings. Learning habits and patterns: some healthy and some unhealthy. Some of my unhealthy habits are times when I have a fixed mindset, a fear of leaving my comfort zone for a number of reasons (this is so real!), and society dictated norms. These require effort to shake, but I am determined! Do you relate to any of these? Have others to add?

Societal norms got the best of me and my play, curiosity, and innocence as a child quickly turned into feeling the need to always be right and know all the answers. I would try to avoid embarrassment and the possibility of others thinking I was dumb or unreliable for not knowing something. I am still healing those wounds but have reacquainted myself with my inner child's determination to live life curiously. It's like any other muscle we need to flex! Getting curious and learning new things has the power to crack open new worlds! New knowledge and understanding can bring deep excitement, or a aha moment, or productive discomfort, all humbling places to be. My interest to learn and engage with new perspectives and new entry points are my constant guide to understanding who I am and my place in this world. It's also really fun!

A healthy pattern I am proud to have inherited from my parents and ancestors are my values of curiosity and education which they inherited from their grandparents who all prioritized the central value that sakranut/curiosity plays in Judaism. There are so many books on our shelves that are 'age rated' but the Torah, the Bible is one that is for all ages! At different ages, chapters in life, even times of day, with an open mindset, the same text has the possibility to open up new insights time and time again. When I enter with a curious mindset the thirst to learn more never ceases. It's a spark that is lit!

The prayer the 'Shema' is a basic building block in Judaism and is the oldest and greatest Jewish prayer, both read in the Torah, the Bible and played central part of the liturgy since Temple times. It is an experiential prayer, one that sparks curiosity, one that I connect to because I live and learn through active experiences and exploration.

An excerpt from the Shema: "These words which I command you today shall be on your heart. Teach them repeatedly to your children, speaking of them when you sit at home and when you travel on the way, when you lie down and when you rise" I want to leave this open for your perspective. Through the lens of curiosity, and a learners mindset - what speaks to you?

- Deuteronomy 6


Experience Day #2: Time to get curious

Today, I invite you to become curious and mentally step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes intellectual, spiritual, financial and social texts or experiences can be intimidating or feel unapproachable- this is an opportunity to leave all societal norms aside and enter through a curious lens, one of a beginner mindset with the pursuit to learn about yourself through a potential new experience. Try it on. It's like being in a dressing room.You don't have to keep what you tried on. Remember, you are doing this alongside many others from around the world, trying on new things with you and I am cheering you on!


Here we go.

Post-its in hand- check!

Maybe you have new colors or excited by the same color? Feel free to arrange them however you want- maybe, get curious with your arrangement of your storyboard?

Designated spot for your storyboard- check!

Today, we are adding to our storyboard. Consistency is key in ritual, so here we are, day 2, and this is starting to feel familiar, feel like your own.

1. Take 4 post-its and write #2 and Curiosity on a corner of each post it.

2. You have two options for today:

A. Open Prompt about curiosity in your life

On 2 post-its consider what you want to get curious about yourself and the world. Whether it's learning, exploring or trying something new! [ this is an exercises in flexing your curiosity muscle, think of it as a brainstorm phase, you are not making a life commitment to these responses]

Tip: Think about these 7 categories: Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Family, Career, Financial and Social, as described as different aspects of our life from a Wheel of Life template.

Maybe there is a something from one of these categories that is new and you want to discover, or maybe you want to revisit something you have a fixed mindset about or have ignored by replacing judgement with curiosity. Now, consider what you want to get curious about- write them on your post-its!

Great! Now you are ready for step 3.


B. Guided Questions about curiosity in your life

If you are looking for more guidance:

  • On post- it #1: Consider an intellectual or spiritual pursuit you want to get curious about.

  • On 2 post-it: Consider how 'play' lives in your life- where can you get curious about actualizing play and your inner child in a more present way?

Great! Now you are ready for step 3.

3. On the last two 2 post-its write the word "Why"on top and write a sentence about why each of the curious items you want to consider are items you want to explore/are expansive for you.

4. Add these 4 post-its to your storyboard. Day 2 of our storyboard is complete!

How did it feel to get curious? Was it natural? Did it push you out of your comfort zone? Remember, it's a muscle we need to flex, just like every other muscle in our body. The responses you added to your storyboard are meant to open up new perspectives, you don't have to commit to following through with all the pieces you write- this is our brainstorm phase . We will leave intentional action for the prompt on day 7 about taking action but for today have fun, explore and play with new concepts outside your comfort zone.

You are brave for taking this step and I am right here with you on this journey!

with gratitude and admiration,


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