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Reflection Storyboard Day 7: It's Time!


*If you are just joining us, stop reading, and check out Day 1- 6 on my blog, for the full experience.*

Wide Open Spaces community, we did it! I am humbled by this experience and grateful to you for jumping in to create this community, it would not be here if it weren't for you, you belong here. I was pushed myself to share my mind, heart and soul with all of you- I did not press publish until I felt vulnerable and challenged. I am changed from this experience, and will continue to strive to serve you with truths, creativity, loving kindness and compassion.

We spent the last 7 days designing from the inside out and whether we know it or not, we helped create space for others in this community to make this experience happen for themselves. I am always impacted by authentic shared experience in community, it opens up deep power and wisdom. This 7 day experience is the beginning of this community, it's the beginning of this wide open space where I will continue to share portals of entry for connection, strength, and belonging to yourself, and your existing and future communities.


Let's dive into Day 7!

Consider this quote. This is our mantra here. We are here to take one step forward, not to take on everything, life is about EACH intentional choice we make. And, I want to remind you that you are worthy and enough just as you are.

“Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness. It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, no matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough."- Brene Brown

This quote has become my mantra in my personal life and Jewish wisdom is all about taking action! Rabbi Abraham Twerski said that teshuva, retuning to self, is about learning to take a breath before acting. In that moment of breath we choose our next act. A moment of choice.My actions is what keeps me connected to my values, my ancestors, my story.

Since I met this mantra, I have tried to feel it deeply. Action is important but not because it judges my worthiness, because it connects me to my intention, my purpose my values. One of my strongest shame triggers has been around my writing ability. I won a writing contest in 3rd grade and loved writing since then but once I hit high school my confidence turned into one of my strongest shame triggers. I judged my worthiness, and made up stories that people would reject me and think I was *dumb* because of my writing ability. It's challenges me to share this out loud, all my trolls are coming out strong and loud yelling "Why are you sharing this out loud, you are so weak," and on and on. But here I am. I have been paralyzed for years by my shame, it has held me back from creating this platform, something I have dreamt about for years. This month, I conquered this, simply by taking action. Obviously not so simply but I focused on the mantra above and this quote: "When in doubt, focus out." I focused on what I wanted to create for you and plowed through my fear of rejection and unworthiness to show up for you. By naming what was holding me back from taking action and focusing on my why, I stepped into action and am standing up for my purpose and not looking back. Without the action, my purpose and growth in this area would be stagnant. This is a brief summary of many years in the making. I can break this down, and can trace this action back to so many small baby steps, small actions, that led me to greater confidence and worthiness [ a big work in progress! I feel it every time I press publish.] and now to publishing this blog. Now, it's your turn.


Experience Day 7: It's Time!

First, turn on your favorite playlist! Yes, mood is set.

Take a step back from your storyboard. See the big picture you've built. Wow, celebrate your creation for a long moment! Now, close your eyes and imagine everyone else in this community doing the same thing. Feel the palpable energy of intentionality. Now, start noticing patterns you see. What are some themes that repeat or that are missing?

This week, we brainstormed about our values and how we live them out, we got curious, checked in with our wellbeing, celebrated A LOT, faced our fears, forgave ourselves and others and are now ready to take action! Feel free to make mental observations or move them around, write down patterns you see, most of all, smile and play!

Remember that metaphor I shared with you on Day 1 about the boat. This week has been about those small shifts, that can take you in a different direction, now add intentionality to that choice and you are golden!

Answer honestly and intentionally and this prompt will take you one step closer toward what's possible for you. Don't commit to taking on everything you wrote on your storyboard at once. Your responses to this action prompt might come directly from a post-it on your storyboard or might have been inspired by the process! Go for it.

Please answer the following prompt:

Feel free to write it on 3 post-its or a piece of paper, wherever you want to keep it.

I want to Start... ___________ I want to Stop...___________ I want to Continue...___________

I would love to hear how you are bringing this into your lives and I'd like to highlight some of your responses in a follow-up piece! Please share your prompt response HERE anonymously.

Important: The name field is optional, this can be kept completely anonymous or you are welcome to share your name, please don't censor them! Please share your response in once you complete the experience.

I am grateful to be on this journey with you and look forward to what's next for you in this community! This is just the beginning and you belong here.

with gratitude and admiration,


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