I met the king in the field last week.

A few Sundays ago, I turned my phone on airplane mode and went to the park for some personal new year introspection, it was rainy so no one else was there, I love spending time in the rain 😝, I was sitting for a while and then I looked around and noticed that no one else was there and realized, here I was IN A FIELD, and at that moment the saying: "the king is in the field" echoed and I got up, and started moving freely through this large space, and organically I led myself through this guided visualization experience of meeting the king in the field. This poem was the experience that unfolded in the park that day. This is exactly how it happened.

I met the king in the field last week.

First as my 6 year old self, the king embraced me with a warm parental embrace held me and lovingly said: "Focus on play, I’ll take care of everything else."

Then my teenage self came, and the king embraced her and said:

“Focus on joy, I’ll take care of it everything else.”

Then my current self and the king embraced me and said:

“Focus on trust, I’ll take care of everything else.”

And, then my future self and the king embraced me and said:

“Focus on love, I’ll take care of everything else.”

There is a saying that during this holiday season, the king, God, I call, Hashem, (insert maker or source that supports you) isn't high up and far away, but is down here with us in the fields and is an opportunity to be close and in close conversation. For me, this role takes on both masculine and feminine qualities and it feels compassionate, deeply loving, nourishing, powerful and parental and majestic.

So much of my life I lived in and avoiding fear and 'perceived rejection' and it was an exhausting and lonely existence so when I had this experience it added another layer of healing feelings of loneliness and sadness and fear for my 5-19 year old selves.

Each of the words that the king gifted me at different ages supports exactly what I needed during those times, and deeper than that, I was in partnership with Hashem (insert source) who knows my deepest desires and is my partner in doing good in this world. Each word is a gift. I left that experience feeling lighter and supported and closer to all the parts of me, and to 'the king in the field.'

The king is still 'in the field.'

I invite you to close your eyes or go to an actual field. What if you felt like you had a partnership with source, who had your highest good and you trusted that.

What would source tell your younger, current, and future selves to focus on, and trust the rest will be taken care of?

Trust the first things you hear and please share them with me!