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why find your why?

Is your time spent doing the things you care & are passionate about?

Do you feel purposeful and connected in your day to day life?

If we do the same things day in and out, without intention and purpose we welcome a mediocre and disconnected human experience.


I am here to live BIGGER than that and invite you to do the same.


Let's go on a hunt, by the end of the month you will be able to name your values and begin implementing a plan to LIVE THEM and not just say them. Setting up your fall/jewish new year powerfully.

what you'll get


  • 90 minute weekly LIVE Zoom sessions over a month with certified coach, Nasya Miller.


  • Community to grow alongside (we all are seeking real community, that's what we create at WOS.)


  • Weekly challenges to take action in your life between sessions.


  • Group coaching opportunities from Nasya during the live experiences.


  • A promise for inspiring, playful, bold and action-oriented experiences!

what we'll cover


  • WEEK 1: Discovering your WHYS

    • Culture building and begin choosing your values.​

  • WEEK 2: Money + Your WHYS

    • Diving into your spending and how that aligns/doesn't with your values.

  • WEEK 3: Time + Energy + Your WHYS

    • Diving into how you spend your time and energy how that aligns/doesn't with your values.

  • WEEK 4: Manifesto Building + Action Planning

    • You'll build a life manifesto and begin making a values action plan.

what people are saying about

the live community experience last year


"This is magic. One of the coolest experiences of my life."


"Wowowowowow What an experience!! You are such a natural coach and leader

and I am so happy I signed up for this and so looking forward to what is to come."


"The evening was such a gift, I can't think of a better way to describe the experience;

You have such a special energy and it was the perfect way to welcome the new year."

WIDE OPEN SPACES LLC . . @nasya.miller . 312.909.9842

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